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Who We Are and What We Do?

Bioatlantic Fruits is a family-owned company founded in 2013 with the ambition of producing and commercialize raspberry. Our mission is to understand and fulfill all the wishes and demands of our clients and deliver tasty fruits that will delight consumers. Our production is made in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. In order to minimize the application of pesticides we use auxiliary organisms (mites, insects and nematodes) that are natural predators or parasites of the pests to be combated. For the pollination of our plants we use bees and bumblebees.

Our raspberries are grown under the most favorable conditions. After harvesting, they are kept at controlled temperature until they reach their final destination in order to maintain the best quality and ensure that our production is both healthy and delicious. In addition, periodic laboratory tests are performed in order to guarantee quality and safety control.

Bioatlantic Fruits has a Certification by Global G.A.P. which requires us to always have the highest standards on food handling, safety, sustainability and distribution conditions.


One of the main reasons for the excellent quality of our raspberry, is our geographical location. Located in Zambujeira do Mar, in the municipality of Odemira, which is considered the best place in Europe for horticulture and growing fruit. It presents favorable conditions for our crops, such as our unique microclimate, quality and abundance of water.

Its location, just a few meters from the Atlantic Ocean, is a determining factor that keeps the temperature controlled both in summer and winter, developing the perfect climate for the production of these red fruits with a quality that can't be matched elsewhere.Our climate allows the plants to develop their fruits in a slower process, giving it an unparalleled flavor that is widely appreciated and recognized in international the markets.

The soil is composed of sandy soil that allows for good drainage of the water. These lands are praised because they are the only ones in Europe that can produce raspberries all year round.

The Raspberry

We produce raspberries of the Kweli variety, a raspberry that produces all year round. This variety is very resistant to diseases, for that reason biological control is practically the only necessary procedure in the fight against the different pests that can affect it.

Kweli is a raspberry that at its ideal maturation state has a bright red color. It primes for its high-caliber fruits with a soft and sweet taste, firmness and its post-harvest duration that can exceed 10 days. This allows your distribution to reach places that otherwise would not be possible.

Raspberry is a fruit rich in vitamins and mineral such as: Vitamin A, C, B7, Folic Acid, Potassium and Magnesium and is also very rich in Fiber and is therefore a it's very beneficial addition to a healthy diet.